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Result of the Divisional Tournaments - 2014/15

There was an acceptable number of entries for the Division 2 tournament but not really enough to run a completely separate Division 1 tournament, with only 3 pairs entering. Rather than cancelling the tournament, it was decided that all pairs would play against each of the other pairs irrespective of division with all results counting towards the final positions. The positions would be determined by most games won and each division would have a separate winner. If two pairs within a division tied on number of games won then positions would be determined by the result of the game between them.

It was fairly clear from the outset that Barry Harriss and Kerry Mullen were likely to win all of their games and that is how it turned out. The two other Division 1 pairs should have won all of their games against Division 2 opposition but both managed to lose a single game, so the game between them decided second place in favour of Will and Jo with Lindsay and Jane finishing third.

The result of the Division 2 tournament was in doubt until the very last game on court, with Simon Martin and Angela Strange narrowly defeating Mark and Helen to take the title. The losers finished in second place despite finishing with the same number of wins as Stephen and Alison because they beat them when they played each other earlier in the evening. Danny was a last minute stand-in when Angela's partner withdrew and they came a credible fourth considering they'd never played together before, while Cliff and Helen had some close games but were unable to win any and came fifth.

Division One

  Lindsay & Jane Will & Jo Barry & Kerry   Mark & Helen Cliff & Helen Stephen & Alison Danny & Angela Simon & Angela   Games Won Ranking
Lindsay Smith
Jane Reddaway
  12 14   21 21 21 22 23   4 3rd
Will Marks
Jo Way
(Wessex Wanderers)
21   14   21 21 18 21 21   5 2nd
Barry Harriss
Kerry Mullen
(Yeovil Graduates)
21 21     21 21 21 21 21   7 1st

Division Two

  Lindsay & Jane Will & Jo Barry & Kerry   Mark & Helen Cliff & Helen Stephen & Alison Danny & Angela Simon & Angela   Games Won Ranking
Mark Newberry
Helen Taylor
(Crewkerne Hermitage)
13 17 15     21 21 21 20   3 2nd
Cliff Aston
Helen Emtage
(Cerne Abbas)
9 12 16   11   14 17 12   0 5th
Stephen Rowell
Alison Stephens
(Wessex Wanderers)
18 21 11   16 21   21 16   3 3rd
Danny Layzell
(Wessex Wanderers)
Angela Head
(Cerne Abbas)
20 18 11   15 21 14   13   1 4th
Simon Martin
Angela Strange
(Wessex Wanderers)
25 19 8   22 21 21 21     5 1st